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ellenJAY and Hannah go together like cake and frosting. Hannah’s bright, airy and whimsical photography style blends perfectly with ellenJAY’s festive sweets. She is the artist responsible for the beautiful ellenJAY sweets shots in our Buttercream and Signature Cakes web galleries and the adorable seasonal sweets pics on our news feed. The bakery is her exclusive supplier for first birthday smash cake sessions. Jennifer and Lauren are incredibly thankful to her for making their treats even sweeter.


What could be better than a chewy, decadent ellenJAY cookie? Two chewy, decadent ellenJAY cookies sandwiching a heaping scoop of velvety homemade ice cream from Mobile’s legendary creamery, Cammie’s Old Dutch. Stop by and grab a Sammie (or a dozen) for a cool, sweet afternoon treat.


Say cheese! One of our most decadent, cream cheese laden sweets is now on the menu at The Cheese Cottage. Stop by for a slice of luscious, picture perfect sweet potato cake slathered in cinnamon cream cheese frosting and sprinkled with candied pecans.


When you get that ice cream sammie craving at the beach, you can now stop by Matt’s Homemade Ice in Gulf Shores. Sammies are available at both of their locations in 4 popular flavors: Chocolate Chip w/ Mexican Vanilla, Double Chocolate Chip w/ Cookies N’ Cream, Funfetti w/ Birthday Cake and Chocolate Chip w/ Cookie Monster.


Downtown’s new Latin American eatery is ellenJAY’s most recent partnership. Guests can now order up a chewy and cool ice cream Sammie in one of two flavors: chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream and double chocolate cookie with cookies ’n’ cream. As always, the creamy ice cream is homemade deliciousness straight from Cammie’s Old Dutch, right down the street from ellenJAY.


I scream! You scream! The Swim Club screams for ICE CREAM SAMMIES! West Mobile Swim Club is now offering our popular, frosty, sweet treat in assorted flavors: funfetti birthday cake, double chocolate chip with cookies n’ cream and chocolate chip vanilla.

ONE CLUB Gulf Shores

Relax at the pool at the beautiful ONE CLUB Gulf Shores and enjoy one of our sammies from their snack shack. Available in 3 yummy flavors: Chocolate Chip w/ Vanilla, Double Chocolate Chip w/ Cookies N’ Cream, Funfetti w/ Birthday Cake. You don’t need to be a member of this gorgeous community, you can pay for the day to swim in their pools and play golf.